“You are my mirror… what you do for me is what I did for Mima.” My mother and I were having a conversation while talking about topics of memory that influenced my work. This site-specific installation is 6’x8’. It was inspired by. In response to that, I handmade three nightgowns my grandmother would call “batas”, when she was alive. Each nightgown was a slightly different size up to the child’s nightgown. In each dress I carried out simple details that made them all relate to each other. I then made three pairs of red knitted slippers to show how we wear and perform the same say; being caretakers in the house. The nightgowns were displayed on clotheslines in my backyard to provide a sense of domesticity. Not to mention we used to hang our clothes out to dry because we didn’t have a dryer. This piece represents the bond we share and how we stand as significant figures in our household.

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